The Net Win-back Score (NWS)

How likely are your customers to return?

Repeat purchases and win-backs are the lifeblood of growing your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

You need to understand how customers feel about returning and how their feelings are trending over time, so we created the Net Win-Back Score to do just that.

Returning Customers Spend

67% More Than 

First Time Customers.


Identifying customers who are more likely to purchase again can 

increase win-back rates 8X.

~ Harvard Business Review

+300% more likely to bring back a previous customer vs. acquiring a new customer.

~ Journal of Marketing Research

Winning Back Former Customers is the New Growth Strategy

NWS extends the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) to help 

you better understand returning customers and winning back former customers. 

Discover The Likelihood Of Repeat Customers

A Visual for CustomerLifetime Value (CLV)

Gauge how customers are thinking about returning to your business.

See if your products/services

are likely to lead to greater CLV.

Start The Win-back Process

Monitor Improvement

See how your performance changes over time along with the impact on revenue.

Discover which customers are ideal for new outreach.

Connect Your Free NWS With The Bellwethr Win-back Engine

The Bellwethr Win-back engine is a premium add-on for your FREE NWS tool. 

The Win-back Engine takes the feedback that customers give you from the NWS and other data, then automatically triggers the ideal actions to win each customer back.

Includes automated email, automated post cards, and even webhooks for other programmatic actions.

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